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I’m Kaya Demirer. I develop and operate cutting-edge restaurants and other food & beverage-related concepts and ideas, both for our own operations and for my valued clients.

Please scroll down to find out more, take a look at my current and earlier concepts — or contact me to discuss your next one.

What I do

I design and craft successful restaurants.

Some were created for my clients; others I operate (or have operated) myself, together with my talented team.

I cover the entire spectrum of fine dining and casual, bars and clubs, as well as other areas of the hospitality, leisure and food & drinks sectors.

I also help my clients understand the true nature of the restaurant sector, the depth and breadth of the consumer mindset, and the strategic imperatives driving the industry. As pat of this, I can provide the full range of research and development services from market and consumer analysis, to restaurant concept development and design & build, to operational and promotional launch and ongoing concept evolution. Through my domestic and international connections I can also help develop new markets for existing concepts, as well as bring in new concepts to existing markets.

If you are considering investing in this uniquely exciting and promising sector, then we should certainly talk. And if you already operate within the Turkish restaurant sector, I can help you stay successful and evolve your concepts and operations in tune with consumer demand and ahead of market trends.

Either way, get in touch — let’s do lunch!


CLIENTS’ — latest concepts created and operated for clients:

OWN — current owned-and-operated concept:

  • Frankie Istanbul, great food, great wine, great music, great company — ‘Frankie’ occupies that sweet spot on the cusp of upscale casual and fine dining, with the best of both worlds.

Earlier own concepts (selected):

  • Topaz, Istanbul
  • Club Reyna, Istanbul
  • Karaf, Gümüşlük/Bodrum

About me

I’m Kaya Demirer, a restaurateur and hospitality professional with three decades’ experience of developing and operating a range of restaurant, bar, club and hotel concepts that are the talk of the town.

I am the President of TURYID, the Turkish Restaurant & Entertainment Association since 2011, as well as regularly serving in a number of other high-level sector policy roles.

I have also hosted restaurant-themed TV series, organised industry conferences and other events, and much more besides.

Please see my profile on LinkedIn for more details.

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