Business and Conceptual Development

Create and design concepts & brands around it …

Enhance and grow existing concepts and brands…

Hotels, restaurants and others…

Grow, milk, kill existing brands .. Build new lines of existing brands, while discontinuing with some/few of existing brands.

And if you already operate within the Turkish restaurant sector, We can help you stay successful and evolve your concepts and operations in tune with consumer demand and ahead of market trends.

Alternatively through our excellent network we can find new markets for existing brands and concepts via contacts ; Lease, franchise, manchise, management contracts..

Support and control (envisage) of existing f&b operations

Brands, restaurants, hotels…

Ongoing concept evaluation , market research, consumer analysis, ongoing sustainable relationship with

- Suppliers
- Competitors
- Institutions;

Universities, Academies and other Organizations around Gastronomy ; NGO's and Governemntal Offices

- Third party solution partners ;

Pr, social media, conventional media, sponsors, event firms, live music performers and their agencies.